A Wasted Day – July 9th 2017

Hey again everyone, wow so far I’m 2 for 2 on this whole ‘one update a day’ thing. That’s a pretty good accomplishment so far I think.

Today was pretty uneventful. I was told yesterday at work I was going to come in today (so I didn’t have to call for an on-call), So until I had to leave I just watched videos, played some AdVenture Capitalist and so on. I also decided to clean my room because Saturday night I had the pleasure of coming in to contact with an earwig (which had somehow gotten on to my head?? ew.) and a spider, which meant that a dirty floor was a disadvantage at seeing these disgusting night critters so I cleaned it up.

I wish they hadn’t told me to go into work because I was there for a mere 3 hours until they told me it wasn’t that busy and I could go home. It was a good feeling but it was also a bit frustrating because I could have hung out with my boyfriend Nick or had gone out or something, but oh well. I still got paid at least a little bit.

I got home and found 2 bins in my room, which I had asked for so I could start packing some of my stuff up. We’re having our floors redone in a couple of weeks which means I have to move out of my room and into my sister’s room (who’s gone to overnight camp that week thankfully) so my floor won’t be just one constant creaking noise anymore. It feels weird packing up stuff when I’m not leaving or anything but It’s nice to get to purge some of the things I don’t need anymore, though I’m definitely going to need more than 2 bins for my things…

How was your Sunday?


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