Family Reunion

This past weekend my mom, boyfriend and I went to a family reunion / gathering in Toronto, which is where 90% of my family lives. It was a short trip, we spent less than 24 hours there, but it was still a fun trip.

The one thing said to me most often during this gathering was “wow, you probably don’t remember me, but last time I saw you, you were this small!” accompanied with a guesture of how small I was from 1-3 years old. I had to be reintroduced to most of my family, but I still had a great time hearing their stories and learning more about them. Lots of stories were shared, and I enjoyed listening to all of them.

If it was easier for us to travel more then I’m sure we would, I’d definitely like to see that family more, they were a funny group of people. It just sucks that they’re all mostly in one city and my family is 5 hours away in another. But it was a nice refreshing weekend getaway with my family and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Tell me how your family reunions usually go! 


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