New Job

So I’ve recently started working at a new place after not working for a year. I previously worked at a Walmart Supercentre, which means its huge and there’s tons of people, employees and customers.

Now, I work retail at a Value Village, small and with a way smaller staff than i’m used to. Which means that being social (something I suck at, and am very awkward at) is a must have if I want to feel any kind of good while working. Obviously it’s not a must to be friends with all your co-workers, but I just feel lonely some of the time.

I want to be social, I want to have friends, I don’t want to be lonely but part of me can’t help but just not want to talk, or I just have no idea what to say. I can tell some people are trying to be friendly, but I’m always left with a ‘maybe I should have continued that conversation somehow?’.

It’s been a while since I’ve had to meet anybody new, and now I have a whole store of people to meet, so it is very, very intimidating. I left Walmart in a very comfortable position, with a group of friends and people I knew and could talk to. But now that I don’t know anyone, I feel lonely. I want to joke and laugh and be comfortable, but I know I have to wait some time, and I know this lonely feeling won’t last forever, but it has just been something I’ve noticed myself feeling lately.

Otherwise, It is a very nice change to work in retail and I finally learned how to work a cash register after avoiding it in job hunting for years, so yay me!


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