Mass Effect Andromeda

At first, I was very very afraid I wouldn’t like this game.

I am in love with the original trilogy. The emotions I feel when even thinking about the story or the characters or anything in that universe are so strong, I never though a video game would affect me like that. But it did, and I love it. I played Mass Effect and fell in love naturally, I knew nothing about the games or the plot and it just happened like that.

When a new game comes out, there is so much hype now. Spoilers and teasers everywhere. I wanted to have the same experience that I did when I first played the trilogy so I didn’t click or read any of the articles or announcements. But I was so, so afraid of not liking this game as much as I loved the trilogy. There was no Commander Shepard, no Kaidan, no Liara, no Anderson, no familiar faces, and it scared me.

But after playing through most of it, I did exactly what I hoped I would do. I fell in love so quickly and naturally, I love this game. Of course, gameplay wise there is always improvements, but I love the story it gave us, and the characters they introduced as well.

I love the difference between Commander Shepard and the Ryder twins. Instead of playing a seasoned commander and soldier who had already been through a lot, we got two relatively inexperienced youngsters who don’t know what they’re doing but are trying their best to create a habitable galaxy for more than one species. I love the Ryder twins so much because of this, especially because its a good way to introduce a whole new galaxy and to be able to learn things about everything and everyone without it being fact or something in the past like it was with Shepard. We are always learning and experiencing new things with our Ryders, and it makes the whole game that much easier to connect with.

Don’t get me wrong, the original trilogy will always be my favourite, and I will always love Commander Shepard and crew, but I’m just so glad that I was not disappointed in what Andromeda delivered to me.


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